Gifts at purchase of a hangar SPRINT M
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Gifts at purchase of a hangar SPRINT M


Dear customers!

We are glad to inform, that since 4-th of May, 2009 and within all this month at purchase of a hangar "SPRINT M" we give to you the fiber building micro reinforcing (further - ВСМ) is a special additive for prevention of formation of cracks in concrete. You will have equal and smooth floors!

At application ВСМ (a fiber, fiber filament):

  1. It is completely excluded shrinkage (at the expense of uniform distribution of individual fibers on all volume of concrete formation of shrinkable pressure is excluded);
  2. There is no mix stratification (the mix becomes more homogeneous at the expense of uniform distribution for all volume of fillers of sand and rubble and performance of a cement milk on a surface is completely excluded);
  3. Raises:
    Branded durability for one mark;
    Impact strength to 500 %;
    Durability of concrete on compression on 25 %;
    Durability of concrete on a stretching at a bend on 35 %;
  4. The concrete floor becomes more plastic, that is especially important, when in the constructed building there is a process of shrinkage;
  5. Stability to dusting and durability rises.

Especially, very important problem of creation of a strong and durable basis of a concrete floor without cracks for the subsequent drawing toppings and bulk floors dares.

Technical and economic result from application ВСМ in concrete floors and couplers the following:

  1. decrease:
    expenses for installation of a metal frame and armature to 30 % of cost of a floor;
    expenses for repair work (expenditures of labour and materials) – 99 %;
  2. increase of durability of concrete on a stretching at a bend and branded durability for 1 grade gives the chance:
    to save cement to 7 % (at the same durable floor indicators);
    to receive profit in Me form of a difference between concrete marks (for example: at addition 900 gram. ВСМ by cost 148,50 rubles, it is received from М300 - М350, that makes a minimum cost 200 rubles from each 1 м3);
    to raise productivity of concrete works (at the expense of faster maturing of concrete not less than 50 %);
    to exclude delivery with БРУ poor-quality concrete.

To define the necessary quantity of a fiber for its addition in concrete it is necessary:

  1. to define volume of concrete for floor pouring under the following formula:

V м3=H*L*W, where
V – necessary volume of concrete which is defined from:
H - thickness of a bracing wire, in meters,
L – lengths of an abide meters and
W - width of an abide too in meters;

  1. to define quantity ВСМ for addition in concrete:

Q = V/0,9, where
Q - quantity of bags with ВСМ for addition in concrete,
V - volume of concrete,
0,9 - the weight of packing ВСМ necessary for introduction in 1 м3 of concrete;

  1. in case of reception not an integer at calculation it is necessary to approximate the received result towards increase.

Now you have received number which is equaled to quantity of packing ВСМ in weight 900 gr., necessary for hardening and improvement of appearance of your floor.

In concrete it is not necessary for introduction ВСМ any additional actions with it, i.e. it does not need to be mixed preliminary with water; it is not necessary preliminary распушать on separate fibers.

ВСМ it is perfectly distributed, both in already ready concrete mix, and at dry hashing of components (sand, rubble, cement and water).

ВСМ is capable to mix up, as in any type of amalgamators (gravitational or compulsory action), and at manual hashing.

As ВСМ it is well distributed in a mix, therefore by manufacture of concrete or a solution containing ВСМ, there are no problems. Clumping it in a mix does not occur.

ВСМ it is possible to add in the concrete mix transported by ready-mix trucks (automixer). Time of hashing of ready concrete mixes after addition ВСМ increases on 10 – 15 %.

More detailed information on application ВСМ (fiber)

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