Get presents with the purchase of a SPRINT-M hangar
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Get presents with the purchase of a SPRINT-M hangar


Dear customers,
We are glad to tell you that starting with May, 4, 2009 if you purchase a SPRINT-M hangar we present you with micro reinforcement fiber (BCM). This is a special additive used for the prevention of concrete cracking. You will have smooth and even floors.

BCM technology allows to:

  1. fully eliminate shrinkage (equal distribution of single fibers through the whole size of concrete eliminates shrinkage stress);
  2. eliminate demixing (the mixture becomes uniform due to the equal distribution through sand and crushed rock aggregate, and concrete grouts are fully eliminated);
  3. increase:
    1. grade strength;
    2. impact strength up to 500%;
    3. compression strength by 25%;
    4. tensile and bending strength by 35%;
  1. make concrete floor more elastic, which is very important in an erected building in the process of shrinkage;
  2. decrease concrete abrasion and increase durability.

Moreover, a strong and durable unflawed concrete base for topping and self-levelling floors application.

The technical-economic effect of the usage of BCM in concrete floors and underlayment is the following:

  1. decrease:
    1. in metal framework assembly and reinforcement costs up to 30% of the floor cost;
    2. repair works costs (working hours and materials) by 99%;
  1. Increase in grade tensile and bending strength allows to:
    1. save cement up to 7% (strength rates are the same);
    2. get profit out of the difference in concrete grades (e.g. when adding 900 g of BCM for 148.50 roubles we get M-300 from M-350 which makes at least 200 roubles for every 1 sq.m);
    3. increase concrete works productivity (due to the faster curing of concrete not less than 50%);
    4. eliminate the delivery of distillation system of substandard concrete.

To estimate the necessary amount of fiber for concrete additive you need to:

  1. estimate the amount of concrete for floor pouring by the following formula:

V m³=H*L*W
V - the amount of concrete
L – the length of the premises (m)
W – the width of premises (m)
2. estimate the amount of BCM for concrete additive:
Q – the quantity of BCM packages
V - the amount of concrete
– the weight of a packing for 1 m³ of concrete
3. if0.9 the number is non-integer, you should round it up.

Now you have the number of BCM packages (900 g) necessary for reinforcement and improvement of your floor appearance.

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