The assembly of “SPRINT-M” hangar in Magnitogorsk took only 2 weeks
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The assembly of “SPRINT-M” hangar in Magnitogorsk took only 2 weeks



This unheated “SPRINT-M” hangar (12x20) was assembled only for 2 weeks in Magnitogorsk. Such great construction speed was possible owing to the application of the technology of light steel thin-walled constructions erection. Ready for assembly labeled elements of the “SPRINT-M” hangar were delivered to the construction site in full set and reliable packing. Galvanized steel thin-walled thermoprofile with a greater bearing capacity SFS-SIGMA and STP was used as construction material for “SPRINT-M” hangar metal frame.

The foundation load of the building calculated by designers from “INSI-ENGINEERING” and stated in the building passport allowed to use just point concrete support for the basic vertical frame of the construction. With the help of an autocrane frame construction of SFS-SIGMA thermoprofile of rising pier and vertical post was installed on it. It took only half of the working day! Thermoprofile STP was used in the assembly of the wall blinding, which provides frame stiffness, and the assembly of the roof purlin. Extra post for gate installation was assembled at the gable façade. Bolt junctions of the details at the attachment points of the frame elements were performed with the help of screw keys and a nut setter.

Galvanized profile steel sheets C-18, which are protected from environmental attack by a polymeric layer, were used as the wall enclosure. Wall profile sheets of the proper length were manufactured; and they were assembled without horizontal junctions. Gusset covers profile sheets side face junctions at the corners of the buildings.

Harder galvanized profile sheeting C-44 was used for the roof coverage. High profile allows this type of sheets to bear heavy snow load (Magnitogorsk is situated in snowy district IV), and polymeric layer is a reliable protection from atmospheric forcing. Roof and wall profile sheet of the designed length were manufactured and were assembled in one piece without horizontal overlapping. Ridge plate covers upper junction of the profile sheets. Profile sheets were joined to the elements of “SPRINT-M” hangar by means of galvanized self-tapping screws with a leak-preventing filler.

Prefabricated “SPRINT-M” hangars are indispensable as warehouses due to the simple and fast assembly. Modern market conditions requires urgent respond to demand; and this is impossible without spacious warehouses. Inexpensive “SPRINT-M” hangar from “INSI-ENGINEERING” quickly erected in Magnitogorsk satisfied the customer by its quality and the speed of construction.



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