Eaves ventilation member
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Eaves ventilation member

INSI Facade and Roofing Plant, one of the first manufactures of roofing materials in the Urals having 18 years of experience, offers its customers a new development for improvement of operational characteristics of metal tile roofs.

The “new baby” of the INSI Company is an aeration member for roof ventilation, with the name suggesting its basic function. It is executed of 0.7 mm thick galvanized steel, bilaterally coated with white powder 60-80 micrometres thick.

This aeration member has three groups of rectangular holes, organized in rows. It is these holes that provide ventilation and air circulation in the gap between the roof and the insulation.

Eaves ventilation member for INSI roofs balances temperature and humidity characteristics of the underroof space and roof as a whole: reduced heat accumulation in summer, better conditions for preventing sweating and moisture evaporation from insulation material in warm season.


The INSI new aeration member has two options of installation: horizontally or along the truss. It is recommended to alternate aeration members with faзade panels.

Aeration members are attached to the eaves sheathing and fastened to the eaves framing members.

The material is supplied in standard sheets 40*125 cm and custom cut on the construction site to match the sheathing length.

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